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Finding Your Code - Philips Car Radio Serial Number Location

In order to recover your code, we will need the serial number from your Philips radio.

To locate the serial number:

  • Remove the radio from the dashboard.
Most Philips radios have 4 round holes in the front panel of the radio. To remove the radio, you simply insert a set of radio removal keys into the holes, then pull the radio forward from the dash. Radio removal keys can be bought from virtually all car accessory shops or car audio dealers.

If a set of removal keys is not available, the locking mechanism can often be released using 4 small allen keys, or similar metal rods. If using this method, care should be taken to avoid excessive pressure on the tools used as this may cause damage to the locking mechanism.

DIN radio removal keys

  • Locate the serial number.
The serial number is 14 digits long. The number itself is stamped into the metalwork on the outside of the radio case.
  • Note the radio model number.
Whilst the radio is removed, we would recommend noting the model number of the radio in case further information is required to recover the code. The radio model number can normally be found printed on a label on the radio chassis.
  • Refit the radio.
In most cases, to reinstall the radio, all that is required is to remove the keys from the unit, then to slide the unit back into the dashboard until the locking mechanism engages.

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